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Windows environment variables management

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Jul 3, 2018
9.2 build 937

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9.2 build 937 (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)

You can download Rapid Environment Editor as two different variations. Windows installer (and uninstaller of course) is an easy way to setup RapidEE, just run it and follow the instructions. ZIP archive is mostly intended for "hackers" who want to use RapidEE as a portable application.

Download RapidEE_setup.exe (3,484 Kb) - 32-bit & 64-bit in one package
Download RapidEE.zip (1,859 Kb) - 32-bit
Download RapidEEx64.zip (2,319 Kb) - 64-bit

Previous builds are available for downloading on the history page


  • added: Lithuanian translation (Zygi Mantus)
  • added: Bulgarian translation (Zhivko Kabaivanov, Dimo Dimo)
  • fixed: Improved High DPI support (thanks to Yaroslav Kihtan for testing)
  • updated: 3rd-party libs

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Old Versions:

6.1 build 812 (Windows NT, 2000)

Download RapidEE_setup.exe
Download RapidEE.zip

2.1 build 447 (Windows 95, 98, ME)

Download RapidEE_setup.exe
Download RapidEE.zip